Monday, September 11, 2006

How to Create Fast Selling Products in Days

The Problem With Info Products

By now you should have realised that the only products that I advertise on this site are those that I feel are honest and genuine ways to make money. I have found another little gem, it's a 14 page report called

‘The problem with info products…’

If you’re still struggling to create products which pull in any real money, then you have two choices – either continue to struggle until your lucky break comes (or your bank balance collapses) OR you can read ‘The problem with info products’

I like to think I know what my customers want and I think this little report could be the solution to a lot of problems for a lot of people, especially people who know that creating info products can be a boring, arduous, downright nasty job. Many of us just can’t be bothered spending weeks, even months researching, compiling and writing something that may or may not be a successful product.

Jez Walters, author of ‘The problem with info products…’ shows us how he created a best-selling information product in less than ONE HOUR.

Not only that, but he didn’t write it himself. He owns sole rights to the product and can do with it what he will. No-one else owns any part of his products (unless he wants them to), and he keeps 100% of the profits. This is a stunningly simple concept.

Jez fully explains, with examples, how anyone can do this, and then throws in as a goodwill gesture, other methods he uses to make money. These on their own would be worth 100 times the price of this book (as he modestly explains in the book!) but combined with the rest of the information we’re talking gold dust.

In the report you’ll discover:

How Jez thinks the ‘gurus’ create their products
How they get other people to do the work for them (for free)
How you can do the same
How to create in ONE HOUR a product that can bring you thousands of dollars
How an inexhaustible supply of top-quality information is available for free
Why public domain material doesn’t even compare to this method
Why the author likes pies!!

You’ll be wondering how much all this costs.

Well there’s bad news and there’s good news. The bad news is I have to charge for it because that’s in the terms and conditions of buying the rights. This product can't be given away for free.

This report is something that all Internet Marketers should have in their arsenal. I’ve learned something from it, and it’s been quite a while since I’ve been able to say that.

This report is selling for $15, which if you create one product you'll easily be able to make 10 times that back in a matter of days.

To get the report visit here:

The Problem with Info Products

If you are interested in having full PLR rights of the ebook email me for a great low price of $25 email me and get involved in a great product.


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