Thursday, June 22, 2006

Honest Money Making Reviews

#1 The Rich Jerk

The first time I came across The Rich Jerk, I thought yeah you are, but the name stuck in my head and I eventually had to let my guard down and have a look to see what he was all about.

It did take me a while when on his website to get past his arrogance but I’m glad I did. After reading his sales pitch without thinking I opened my wallet and proceeded to buy the product and to be honest it was one of my best purchase for the year (the best was a pair of Jimmy Choo’s, I'm still a girlie girl at heart and I felt I deserved them)! If you are new to Internet marketing you may need to do some additional research before you are able to apply a lot of his methods as his ebook assumes you will know all the basics.

This ebook is only 47 pages so it is a nice read which won’t take you longer than 3 hours, he gets straight to the point. It is no surprise that The Rich Jerk ebook is one of the top selling products on the internet as if you put all his ideas to use you really can make it in the tough world that is internet marketing. You have to follow his instructions and work hard for a while but the results are well worth it.

Definitely a thumbs up from me, my star product. Take a look at his site and see what you think.
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#2 Honest Riches - Thank You Rich Jerk

This is an ebook I purchased after the Rich Jerk and I struggled to decide which one should be top spot, I chose the Rich Jerk as it is the original and has a bit more information. I would have loved to come across Holly Mann's ebook first as it is great for newbie's!

Holly had been working on the internet for sometime when she stumbled across the Rich Jerk's ebook, when reading it she realised she knew a lot of the things that he mentioned and thought she could create an ebook from what she knew.

I love the way that Holly talks to her reader's the Rich Jerk is good but he is a bit testing with his 'I love myself attitude'. Holly talks through how you can start making money on the internet without having to spend money, which is great considering all those so called guru's where you have to shell out loads of money before you can even see anything.

Holly also has a forum in which you can immediately access as soon as you have purchased the book, you can email her and she will help you as much as she can.

If you're a newbie I would definitely give it a go.

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#3 - Honest Income Program

This is a new program that I have just recently bought, it does exactly what it says on the tin, gives you honest ways to make money on the internet. The creator of the ebook had been searching on the internet for years to try and make money from honest internet programs.

He has finally found 3 that he works on and is now earning up to $4000 per month. The ebook is so simple to follow as he tells you step by step what you should do, he makes a point of you following his steps to the letter in order to definitely make money.

I have started the 1st program (which he suggests you do) and it is so simple, if you follow his instructions to the letter you cannot fail to make money, if you work for 2 hours per day you can easily make $500 per month minimum.

The writer then goes on to tell you to move on to the 2nd program which once it is set up you don't have to do much and then finally when you have worked on the 1st two programs move on to the final one which will make you big money.

If you want to be told step by step what to do and start earning straight away I would definitely purchase this ebook.

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One More Thing

That's all I have for now folks but I have recently purchased 'The Wornpaper System' and 'Ultimate Incomes' ebooks so I will be back to review these as soon as I have worked on them for a while.

I hope you have found these reviews honest and informative, I will be back soon. Remember that the programs will only work if you make them work, you can't just buy a product and sit back and expect it work for you. When you bought your PC did you just accept delivery and then leave it to set itself up? I didn't think so....

Keep making money and stay honest!